Our shops REWIND and PLAY! are 2 shops with one and the same concept. The concept? We believe that the products we sell have to be made with respect to the environment and the people who made them, and at the end being durable for the person who buys it.


All the products we source for Rewind and Play are made in an ecologically responsible way. Some products focus highly on the green story, others focus more on social economy or are locally handmade. Most of the time the design studios or manufacturers combine all of these characteristics. If you want to make an ecological product, then you cannot ignore the wellbeing of the people who make them and the place where it is made.
This fact in which we truly believe, we combine with a certain level of aesthetics. For a product to be sold it needs to appeal to the customer. We want to show that durable products can also be very attractive. The collections in REWIND and PLAY! are unique, original, contemporary and above all they make you smile! 


Seven years ago REWIND was a fact. Our interior design shop mainly focused on recycle design at that time, and we became known for the exclusive recycled objects we sold in our shop. We are truly pioneers in the Belgian design shop scene, if you talk about bringing together the best ecodesign in the world. We sold products no one saw before in Belgium, and often launched completely new brands in Belgium that afterwards were been picked up rapidly by other design shops. Three years later later we opened a kids department, PLAY! in the same philosophy.
And so we are happy to say we can now offer a full range of Honest, Original en Beautiful products for every age group!
We love to welcome you here in our online store, and also in our physical shops REWIND and PLAY in Antwerp Belgium!  
Hope to see you soon!
From the whole team of Rewind and Play!