YKRA Beeswax For Waterproofing

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Canvas is a wonderful material, but it has to be protected from the elements. After a lot of feedback from YKRA customers, we have created a wax for waterproofing our products. We call it the Magic Beeswax!

Our MAGIC BEESWAX is a natural impregnating wax for waterproofing canvas products. Handmade in Hungary from natural beeswax and paraffin according to traditional recipes.

Please note, that we do not recommend to use the beeswax for white or natural color canvas as the natural yellowish color of the beeswax might discolour the product.

How to impregnate your backpack:
1. Gently rub the wax on the outer canvas parts, making sure that it is evenly distributed
2. Use a hair dryer on mild setting to warm up the wax. Letting the canvas soak it up!
3. Test to make sure you have applied enough wax, and the water runs off. If not, repeat step 1 and 2!

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