Nailmatic Water Based Nailpolish Peachy Peach Glitter (Kids)

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Peachy is the junior equivalent of mom's coral nail polish for summer, a vibrant explosion of glitter as energetic as your sweet-pea, that she can share with mom AND dad!

Especially formulated for children, Nailmatic Kids nail polish is full of super powers. It can hide in coloring boxes. This water-based varnish has defeated the nasty products. It magicallydisappears with warm soapy water.  

Made without organic solvents, phtalates-free, formaldehyde-free, toluene-free, BPA-free, fragrance-free.        

OPGELET! Er bestaan 2 verschillende verpakkingen van deze nagellak, ze zijn beiden te zien op de foto's. Het zal dus een verrassing zijn welke je krijgt 😉

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