Tillandsia Kammii

Tillandsia Kammii

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The Tillandsia family contains more than 400 species and comes from the forests, deserts and mountains of Central and South America, Mexico and the South of the United States. Most Tillandsias have little or no roots and grow on trees or rocks. Water and nutrients are recovered through the scales on the leaves out of the air ( via dust and moisture). The Tillandsias are also called air plants.

Not very skilled with plants in your home? Then these air plants are ideal for you. With a little love and (humid) air, you get a beautiful piece of nature in your home! They need very little care. 1x spraying with a plant spray per week is enough during the winter, in the summer they might need a little more spraying. These air plants are super beautiful and practical, for example, in a himmeli (hanging geometric shape, also for sale on our website). So get a beautiful piece of nature in your home!

The plant may differ a bit from the one on this picture.

Size: ± 12 x 8 cm