Tallow Kaars Soft Grey

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De tallow kaars is handgemaakt in Eindhoven, Nederland. Elk ingrediënt van de Tallow kaars wordt precies afgewogen, gemixt, gesmolten in een mal. Dit verzekert een hoge kwaliteit van de kaars. De kaars en het schoteltje zijn samengesmolten. Sommige producten hebben elkaar gewoon nodig. Ontwerpduo maakt ze onafscheidelijk. 

Some products always need each other. They belong together like a hammer and a nail, bed and blanket and cup and saucer. By melting them together in one material, their relationship is clear. All tallow. This is the ultimate RE-think from Ontwerpduo represented by Ineke Beunders & Nathan Wierink. 

Handmade in The Netherlands
Tallow is hand casted in their studio located in Eindhoven. The raw materials are weighed, melted, mixed and poured. One by one. After a cooling down period of 2 hours, the products are taken from the mold and finished. Because of this manual process, high quality is assured. 

Each product is carefully packed in a strong cardboard box with extra protection inside. This box contains a full color photo and text, which makes the packaging suitable to use as a gift box. 
Burning Time : 8 hours
Dimensions: 24 x 11 x 11 cm 


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