Kurken Tafeleiland Anthraciet
Kurken Tafeleiland Anthraciet
Kurken Tafeleiland Anthraciet
Anno Benk

Kurken Tafeleiland Anthraciet

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Vanaf 75€ gratis levering thuis (pakjes tot 20kg)

Dit kurken tafeleiland sorteert je kleine spullen op jouw bureau. Bureaumateriaal zoals je pennen, nota's, tablet, paperclips, sleutels, zonnebril leg je daar klaar. 

We make use on a daily basis of valuable personal belongings such as  a wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses and iPad. But these objects don't often have a permanent location at home and that is why they are usually in and around the kitchen or somewhere you can't find them.

It would be a lot easier to have all these personal belongings together in a permanent location.
Table Island by Royal VKB offers the solution.

Table Island is a beautiful and highly functional 'little island' where both the wallet, keys, phone and sunglasses can be stored and easily recovered. In addition, Table Island also makes space for the iPad. 
By the playful, height-different interior pockets, reminiscent of a small mountain landscape Table Island can measure up to each ones desire.

Table Island is made from compressed cork, an elastic and moisture-resistant material. This makes Table Island very suitable for use in the kitchen, for example, as a holder for the iPad when you're cooking from a recipe. Place the Table Island near the power supply socket so that the phone and iPad can be charged right away. The material in combination with the sleek design make Table Island suitable for any (kitchen) interior.