Studio Thier & van Daalen Interior Reflections Tealight Holder Large Round Filter Light Green

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Nieuwe theelichthouder met ronde reflector. De gekleurde acryl cirkel zorgt voor een prachtige schakering op het oppervlak en tegen de muur. Een echt extraatje in je interieur of als perfect cadeautje!

Brightens up your day and night with a colour trace on the wall!

The idea comes from the old magic lantern, an apparatus used to tell stories when television did not existed yet. It projected little stories and special effects on the wall.
This we translated in a minimalistic and poetic home accessory.

To start with the colour tea lights; with a round colour filter in front of the flame to create a coloured trace of light on its surrounding.


Package contents:

  • Wooden block in Ash (light wood)
  • The colour filter dia 15cm
  • A tea light

The perfect and unique present for all kind of occasions. Packed in a beautiful box, easily sent to the correct address. 

It is about the little things in life.

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