Sleepy-Wakey Reindeer Medium

Sleepy-Wakey Reindeer Medium

This Reindeer is a new member of the Maileg family. One side of the head show a sleeping eye, the other side shows a wakey eye. She is soft, and can sit straight since, there is some extra weight in the behind of the bambi. Since they are so nicely made, they will become easily the favorite soft toy of children from age 2 till....even adults must admit they like them!

Maileg is a Danish design brand with a unique and authentic collection that is completely designed by co-founder Dorthe Mailil. Seasonal shifts are cheered up with new accessories and for children there are always new stuffed toys. The rabbit series has become known worldwide, but all the other animals are made with equal love and are extremely adorable. Maileg is especially known for the materials and the use of ribbons. With a great eye for detail, every piece of fabric is different and yet equally soft and sweet.

Size: Medium

Material: 100% cotton

Measures: 41cm

Wash instructions: preferred to wash by hand!