Ronde Domino 'Ik Wil'

Ronde Domino 'Ik Wil'

Ronde Domino 'Ik Wil' is een vrolijke versie van het klassieke spel van Domino van het Spaanse merk Londji. Het bestaat uit 28 prachtig geïllustreerde puzzelstukken, aangepast aan de jongste leden van de familie. 

Circular Domino I Want is a cheerful version of the classic game of Dominoes, adapted for the youngest members of the family. It comprises 28 pieces, magnificently illustrated. When the pieces are laid, you will laugh at August the clown’s fabulous jokes, see the strong man up to his old tricks and the contortionist twins in unimaginable contortions, enjoy the ferocious lions and the world's biggest elephant, live the risk of the brave tamer and marvel at the adventures of the cannon man.... As in Dominoes, the winner is the first to lay all their pieces!

  • Illustration Àfrica Fanlo
  • Number of pieces 28 cards
  • Material Recycled cardboard and paper
  • Packaging Sturdy cardboard box
  • Size Diam. 6 cm (card)
  • Box Size 8,5 x 15 cm.