Regenboog S Zwart/Wit

Regenboog S Zwart/Wit

Mini houten regenboog in zwart/wit van Grimm's.


A wooden pile tower in the form of and in black and white which fit on each other and together. The rainbow is reversible bringing all kinds of other towers to discover. This involves finding a new balance by the mobility of the arches. But you can also build a tunnel or a cottage for dwarfs. This rainbow will always be a part of imaginative build and play.

For its toys, Grimm's only uses wood from Europe. The toy is made by hand and all the cheerful and harmonious colors are painted by hand and meet all the requirements and rules of safe children's toys.
The arches are made of Linden wood, colored with non-toxic water-based stain. This preserves the structure of the wood, it continues to "breathe" and feels nice and soft.
Length: 4 cm
Width 10.5 cm
Height: 6 cm