Wasmiddel Zeepschillen Neutraal

Wasmiddel Zeepschillen Neutraal

Seepje is a 100% vegetable and fairtrade detergent from Nepal, made from the Sapindus mukorossi-fruit. Their peels contain saponin, a natural substance with cleansing and antibacterial properties. When the peels come in contact with water they secrete a natural form of soap.

The Seepje peels in this pack wash your clothes clean, soft, and delicious. 
Number of wash cycles: 30
Suitable for: white, black, color, silk and wool
Contents: 150 grams of Sapindus mukorossi (organic and fair trade) 2 cotton washing bags (fairtrade)

How to use Seepje:
1. Put 4 whole or 8 half peels in the mesh bag.
2. Put this mesh bag together with the laundry in the drum of the washing machine.
3. You can use the peels for a total of 3 times. Then you just throw them in the garden!

Seepje has a positive impact on the working and living conditions of the people in Nepal.