Speenkoord Appel Munt

Speenkoord Appel Munt

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FRANCK & FISCHER is a Danish design concept, founded in 2005 by designer Annemarie Franck and business partner Charlotte Fischer.

Most of FRANCK & FISCHER toys and nursery textiles are made of GOTS certified cotton. All fabrics are printed or dyed without chemicals and all wooden products are made of plantation wood or MDF1 which means no chemicals in the glue, and an environmental approach to production.

Every product in FRANCK & FISCHER’s collection is designed by Annemarie Franck. Part of Annemarie’s inspiration comes from a creative childhood in the seventies, where her greatest wish was to have a pet, although her mother would not allow this. Instead she drew all the animals she dreamed of. Her experience as a fashion designer has stimulated her strong intuition about trends and in which direction fashion will develop.

They use organic cotton whenever possible to reduce the amount of pesticides introduced into the environment. This benefits soil and water reserves, the farmers working with the cotton, but most importantly they also find this an extra guarantee, on top of all the EU safety tests they carry out, that the products are safe for the children using them.