O My Bag Cosmetic Pouch Cognac Classic

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Stijlvol lederen toilettasje met katoenen voering. Perfect voor alles je spulletjes in op te bergen of handig om mee op vakantie te nemen! Gemakkelijk te open en te sluiten met een rits.

Keep all beauty essentials close to hand with our classic leather cosmetics bag. The pouch has a zipper closing and is perfect for carrying a your makeup or keeping valuables secure inside an everyday bag. Made from our cognac classic leather, the cosmetic bag will age beautifully overtime, just like you.

- Color: Cognac
- Zipper closing Two pouches
- Two different colors: Navy & Camel

L18 x W5.5 x H15 cm

0.302 kg

This leather has a modern, classic and sophisticated look. It is characterized by its shining surface and its smooth and gentle feel.

Our premium quality sustainable leather is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish. This natural leather has an open structure, which means that scratching will occur and irregularity in color and texture are a part of this leather. These characteristics make it a unique product that ages beautifully over time.

Try to avoid heavy downpours, leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof. O My Bag gathered a few tips to take good care and protect your product so it can last for a lifetime.

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