Nailmatic Cream Remover On The Go

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Een nagellakremover in een crème. Gemakkelijk en snel! Zorgt voor een goed verzorging van de nagels.

Last minute weekend in mind? Or a chipped polish issue before a meeting? These urgent matters require a specific nail caretaker. Awesome: our ingenious cream remover will smoothly save your day!

Remover On the go gently lifts of every trace of nail polish. A non-drying yet efficient formula that locks in the moisture. 

Designed to make your everyday life easier, it can be used anywhere, anytime. 

A new makeup gesture

- Apply a small amount of cream on a cotton ball or directly on your nails.
- Gently rub and wait to let it do the trick .
- Wipe the polish out with a cotton wool.
- Wash your hands, you’re good to go!

Bye Bye solvent smells!

Remover On the go is lightly rose scented. A smell so subtle that no one will suspect you’re actually using a remover!

Enriched with vegetables oils (castor oil plant, soya, rape) and beeswax:
- moisturizes your nails
- prevents skin aging. 

Indeed, keeping your nails away from harsh removers is definitely a smart move. Especially with a new generation of products that actually work without damaging your precious digits!

This time, manufacturing in France couldn’t work but no worries. We kept things close by choosing Italy for this remover.



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