Micro Cosmos Large

Micro Cosmos Large

Deze micro wereld in het terrarium behoeft geen onderhoud. De planten zijn zelf onderhoudend. Ze leven van de condensatie die gevormd worden door de planten zelf. Het is een klein ecosysteem.


This micro-world does't need any care. The plants are fed with the condensation that is formed by the plants themselves. 

Terraria love bright, indirect sunlight; so a bright room is desired.
Please note that the lamp that came included with the terrarium, is only of an aesthetic value. If the lamp breaks down, replace it by an identical lamp (LED).

The key to the success of terraria is condensation. The water cycle will take place in the glass the same way as in nature. When no condensation occurs on the coldest side of the terrarium, it's time for some water. This happens usually every five months. Recommended: use rain water, this will prevent lime deposits on the inside of the glass.

A terrarium is a living (almost) self-sustaining biotope. Some plants will do better than others and you will find that after a few months the terrarium is leading it's own life. Do not be alarmed if a plant dies, this happens in nature as well and is a part of the natural cycle.

However, Spruitje is only for sale at our point of sale, Rewind, Riemstraat 27, 2000 Antwerp and NOT in our online store. This because of the impossibility to send this plant by Post and guaranteeing it won't be harmed on the way. To be sure if they are in stock in our store. Give us a call @ 0032 3 296 71 96 or sent us an email @ info@rewinddesign.be. Thank you!