Ferm Living Led Lampen Ferm

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Important, we only sell these lamps when you purchase a lamp of ferm living with us. This is to prevent everybody just buys the led lamps here, in that case we will not be able to give the service to our customers to give them the led lights together with the lamp they buy. We will simply not have enough stock, since we buy the exact amount of led lights together with the exact amount of Ferm lamps we stock.
Ferm living kids lamps use 2 led bulbs per lamp! That is why we sell the lamps per set of 2
Watt: 1,5 W
Volt: 12 V DC
Base: G4
Lifetime: 15000 Hours
Lumen/RA: 9100 lm
Kelvin: 3000 K
Material: Silicone
Angle: 270°
Energy: A++
Size: L 34,5 mm x Ø 9,5 mm
Weight: 6 g

Indoor use only
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