Le Bonnet Beanie Pine

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Best Unisex beanie ever made by mankind. This product features the Caregora™ certificate. Sourced and manufactured in Scotland.

Fabric: 75% Lambswool, 25% Caregora
Fit: One size fits all
Treatment: Dry clean only

All products feature a Caregora certificate

As a brand in current society we aim for sustainability and durability by using natural fibers only. All products we offer are a 100% bio degradable.

The ‘Made in Scotland’ label on our Bonnets stands for craftsmanship and quality. Our factory was founded over 170 years ago, being one of the oldest factories in the UK.

Caregora™ goes even further beyond the premium practical features of the caregora Angora wool quality, because it is the first responsible and reliable angora fibre, whose care in husbandry and breeding works in total respect for both customers and animals, and is underpinned by guaranteed certification not just from the European standards on animal care and welfare.

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