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Klippan Wollen Deken Burst Brown

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Klippan is een Zweeds bedrijf dat duurzaamheid in zijn genen heeft. Deze plaids en dekens van ecologische wol zijn kwalitatief hoogwaardig en blijven zacht. Er worden geen chemicalieen gebruikt om de wol te behandelen; noch krijgen de schaapjes antibiotica in hun voeding. Tot slot gebruiken ze ook een speciale wasmethode om het milieu zo goed mogelijk te sparen. Kies uit een brede waaier van kleuren en tinten jouw favoriet! 

Klippan is a Swedish company that embroided durability in his company policy. They are now the company that made as the first in the world on an industrial basis ecological wool.

Ecologically produced cotton has been a common concept for many years, but ecological wool has been a rarity. The reason is that insects have been a challenge with animals in wool production and until today it has been inconceivable to produce wool without any pesticides. A group of farmers in Bank Peninsula, New Zeeland, decided to address the difficulties of Eco sheep breeding. They have developed a process where they only treat the sheep with pesticide once, instead of repeatedly as had been practiced before. They give this treatment when the sheep is newborn which leads to no or negligible amounts of pesticides in the finished wool as it grows. Additionally no chemicals are allowed to be used in the crops or in the food that the sheep eats and no antibiotic is used during the breading process.

A special washing method for the wool has been developed to again save the environment as much as possible. Finally, as a control over the entire process, an independent an accredited laboratory test approves each consignment of wool.

Size: 130cm x 200cm.

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