iPad Sleeve Eco Camel
iPad Sleeve Eco Camel
iPad Sleeve Eco Camel
iPad Sleeve Eco Camel
iPad Sleeve Eco Camel
O My Bag

iPad Sleeve Eco Camel

De iPad Sleeve is een van de geweldige accessoires in de O My Bag familie, en een chique manier om uw favoriete gadget verzorgen. Pluspunt voor de dames, u kunt het als een clutch ook gebruiken!


The O My Bag iPad Sleeve is one of the great accessories in the O My Bag Family, and a chic way to look after your favorite gadget. Plus, for the ladies, you can use it as a clutch too!

The sleeve is the perfect style upgrade while keeping it safe from scratches and dust.

Note: it unfortunately does not possess magical powers to protect your device from breaking if it falls.


- Color: Eco Camel
- Eco-leather sleeve with sturdy padding for protection (specifically fitted to MacBook Pro 13″) 
- Double knob-button closure 
- Cotton-lined 
- O My Bag logo embossed on the front 
- Also fits the new iPad Air (there is just a little bit more space) 

28 x 1 x 16 cm

Our sleeves are made from a unique kind of eco-leather that is tanned without harmful chemicals and the skins come from local Indian cows. This adds up to a cleaner and safer tanning process and reduces carbon footprint. In the area of Kolkata, India, every O My Bag is created with love in the safe and positive atmosphere of Fair Trade, where fair wages and benefits are paid, women are empowered and training and education is offered.
Your sleeve might come with a scratch or a small spot, don’t worry; this is normal. Eco-Hunter Leather bags are composed of leathers which are tanned using natural solutions, and virtually unsealed at the end of the tanning process. The unsealed leather allows natural marks in the hide to show. We consider any scratch or mark that is visible to be beautiful and completely natural.