Hide & Key Sleutelhanger Nude

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Vergeet die rammelende sleutels in uw broekzak – kies liever voor deze praktische sleutelhanger! Net als een Zwitsers zakmes, maar toch anders. Plaats voor minstens 6 sleutels.

Forget those rattling keys in your pants’ pocket – opt for this practical keychain instead! Like a Swiss army knife, but different. Holds at least 6 keys.

Size: 2,5 x 8,5 cm 
ø: 5 mm
Material: saddle leather
Color: nude

Puc leather bags in a nutshell? Tough, simple and stylish. Designed and made in the Netherlands. You know, by hand. Like a bag should be. With love and an eye for detail. As a result, you know one thing for sure: your bag is unique. There's a reason Puc stands for Personalized Unique Collection.

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