Koffiemok Zwart

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Te laat voor dat kopje koffie? Deze koffiemok van Zuperzozial is ideaal voor onderweg. De silicone grip zorgt er voor dat de warmte niet doorkomt en je kop koffie niet uit je handen glipt. Makkelijk te reinigen in de afwas machine!

Just too late for a cup of coffee? The handy travel mug from Zuperzozial is ideally suited for on the road. The silicone non-slip grip ensures a secure grip while drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Upon returning home you can easily clean it in the dishwasher.

* Travel mug with lid & non slip grip                    
* D 9,5 x H 14,5 cm
* Content 300 ml
* Mug made of bamboo and corn 
* Lid made of eco friendly silicon 
* Dishwasher proof
* Environmentally friendly and for long term use
* 100% biodegradable

Raw Earth is made of natural materials such as bamboo and corn and 100% biodegradable with an earthy look. Raw Earth shows that conscious living can be joyful and trendy. Due to the variety of intense colors the tableware can be combined endlessly to personal taste.

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