Boro Mini Bijtring Indigo Print

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This cheerful, naturally dyed BORO*BUNNY teething ring is a must-have for your baby as its teeth start to come in! The BORO*BUNNY teething ring is made of residual pieces of fabric. And completely in line with the BORO principle; use everything and waste nothing, the pieces of fabric are upcycled to create a new product. Each cheerful BORO*BUNNY teething ring is a bit different than the next and therefore unique, but they all come in the natural colours from the BORO*MINI collection. A practical and very cheerful maternity gift!

100% upcycled GOTS & OEKOTEX cotton

Handmade in the BORO*ATELIER, Amsterdam

Size: 7 x 15 cm
Washing instructions: 40 degrees


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