This bandana is worn around the neck, and comes in handy to cover the babies throat during colder days, but especially useful during periods of sleeping. 

Many babies drool very much in their sleep and this scarf serves to avoid always needing to change T-shirts. The scarves also has 2 sides in two different colors.

There are also 2 different positions of push buttons, so that they can be worn a long time.


Mevrouwtje-Meneertje is a children's clothing label with a story, based in Antwerp-Belgium. For children from 0 to 2 years. The products from Mevrouwtje-Meneertje bring a smile on everyone's face. Each upper part of the collection shows off a children's drawing of a lady (mevrouwtje) or sir (meneertje). The winners of the drawing competition that we organize, are crowned as 'Designer for Mevrouwtje-Meneertje'. Their photo is displayed, along with their name and age, on any label with their creation on it.  

Since the foundation of Mevrouwtje-Meneertje in 2010, a part of the profits is donated to the Children's Cancer Fund.

Every piece of clothing is produced in limited edition and made from 100% organic cotton. Our clothing carries the GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard label). Mevrouwtje-Meneertje clothes are not seasonal, you can wear all year round!