Baby's Eerste Boek Zwart
Design Letters

Baby's Eerste Boek Zwart

One of the newest products of the collection "Design Letters" is this Baby book.
They come in two colors: Pink and mint blue.
Inside you find all kind of surprises, to collect precious letters/pictures of your Baby's first moments. 
For example you can put the family tree is this book, pictures and memories of your pregnancy, babyshower, first milestones, till your baby's first birthday. Every page is foreseen with a special place to put a picture of that moment form your baby.
Measurements: 25cm x 25cm
The products by Design Letters are decorated with the letters originally created in 1937 by the world renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen for Aarhus City Hall. This Bauhaus inspired typography is still modern and fresh. The Danish company Design Letters was given the permission to revive Arne Jacobsen’s stylish typography.
Painted Birch Wood