Bijtring Giraf
Sophie La Girafe

Bijtring Giraf

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100% natural toys for the trendy baby!

Made from natural rubber and paint and therefore naturally Phthalates, PBA and PVC free!! The first baby toy with which your baby develops all his senses!  

Watch: thanks to the dark spots and contrasts on the whole body, it attracts the baby's attention and is therefore an easy recognisable and reassuring object for your baby.

Listen: thanks to the funny beep thing, the baby's hearing is encouraged and it becomes acquainted with cause-effect.

Taste: it is smooth and has many parts where your baby can suck and can bite (antennas, horns, legs), and is thus ideal for babies gums when teeth come through. It consists for 100% of natural rubber and paint and is therefore completely safe for your baby.

Feel: it is lightweight and perfect for your baby's tiny hands and it can easily grab Sophie by the long legs and neck. The skin is as soft as that of mommy and therefore it sets your baby free to feel and awakens emotional reactions in itself that will make it feel free to ...

Smell: the singular scent of natural rubber, that comes from the Hévéa, gives Sophie something really special, making it easily recognizable between all other toys. 

Dimensions: 18 cm