Autogami Solar Powered Car
Autogami Solar Powered Car
Autogami Solar Powered Car

Autogami Solar Powered Car

Een kleine kartonnen auto die rijdt op zonne-energie.

A little paperboard car powered by solar energy.

Solar energy / Green paper & ink / social commitment / low carbon weight.
Made in France

In each box  you will find a pre-cut paperboard, 4 wheels and means to fix them + our exclusive « Powerbase».
« Powerbase » content : 
a solar panel,  an electric motor, a rechargeable battery, a gear box, an ON/OFF switch.


Place your Autogami on the window–sill during the daytime.
Switch it on when you wish.
One day's charge in the sunlight =  20 mn running time.
Max speed:  approximately 2 Km/H


Gross weight per unit : 90 g
Gross size: 162 x 229 x 20 mm
Net size (assembled) : 94 x 39 x 53 mm
Net weight : 43 g