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ALL NATURAL Parsley Kale Light Face Cream 50ml

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Deze gezichtscrème met kool en peterselie extracten verzorgt uw huid met veel liefde. Het is een lichte creme die goed is voor een dagelijks gebruik voor uw huid.

 Our purely natural, refillable face cream with kale and parsley herbal extracts gently cares for the skin. With its notably light texture, it offers delicate daily care and is highly absorbent. The hylauronic acids support the moisturizing effect of the cream, with its mild and soothing organic apricot kernel oil which leaves the skin silky soft and feeling particularly fresh and relaxed. And by the way, after the last application, the jar can easily be refilled with the matching refill bag made of recyclable mono-material.

Our All Natural Face Creams are suitable for all skin types and are dermatologically tested for good skin compatibility. Depending on your needs, the creams can also be used jointly: For example, you can switch between our Light and Rich Face Cream in the morning and evening or in winter and summer months.

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