FIGR1.2 Surface 30 Jatoba

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FIGR1 maakt mooie interieur accessories. SURFACE 30 is een mooie houten wandplank met een groef en 2 bijbehorende hanghaakjes. Hang hem in de inkomhal, toilette, badkamer of slaapkamer. Het is een mooie opslag voor een handdoek, zeep, juwelen, handschoen, sleutels en zo veel meer. 


FIGR1 offers a line of seven clever and subtle interior accessories. Multi-functional, minimalistic and suitable for any part of the home. Each of our simple to mount items has an abstract name to inspire creativity for placement and use.


SURFACE 30 is a beautiful wooden wall shelf with a groove and 2 hooks. Including screws and plugs to put on your wall. Collect you favorite things on it! You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Store kitchenware, towels, soap, jewelry, gloves, keys, and so much more.

Combine with REFLECTOR: mirror which can stand inside the groove of SURFACE, or add extra HOOKS.

Jatoba wood
Steel hooks

33 x 6 x 2 cm

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