Slow Pharmacy Myriophyllum 30ml

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Slow Pharmacy bottled planten. Het zijn prachtige eeuwige stillevens die een stilte, rust en een esthetische meerwaarde geven aan elke omgeving. Elke plant is handgepluk en gekozen en gebotteld. Dit is de Australische Thee Boom. 

Slow Pharmacy has designed this product especially for the enthusiasts of interior design, for those who care about details: placed on a table or a small shelf, it will be the one that will come highlight the furniture around it.

Each plant is selected and delicately inserted by hand into its bottle in Seoul. The beauty of this product lies in the fact that each plant is different and unique.

  • Real plant
  • Handmade in South Korea
  • Content of 30ml
  • Size of  7,5cm x 3cm
  • Each plant is different, each model is unique: the size and shape of the plant can vary.
  • Do not drink the liquid

'Milfoil in a bottle'

A tropical plant in a vial

It's an invasive aquatic plant that originally comes to us from South America. Today its plantations can be found almost everywhere, in warm, stagnant waters. Its sample fits perfectly in its small bottle that allows you to take full advantage of its special foliage that looks like small bunches of herbs.

Far from being a hardy plant, it brings an original, almost organic forest touch to your home and a lot of freshness like a hydrangea would.

Nature as decoration

This delicate plant will easily find its place in your home. It will be bright on a white or clear wall, on a window you will see a play of transparency on the leaves and on a bookcase or a piece of furniture it will blend perfectly with your interior decoration. 

With its scarlet green colour, finding the ideal location for your vial will be child's play. The simplest way is to look where the light exposure will be strong to make the surrounding liquid shine, on dark furniture to bring out the beautiful greenish hues of the leaves.

For your interior design, the ideal would be to present it in an environment that fits perfectly with this type of design product: an abstract wall painting, or even a small wooden sculpture. Something to hold the attention of your guests just through a carefully chosen location.

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