Monolyth Magnetisch Marmer Guatemala

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MONOLYTH een multifunctioneel magnetisch marmeren blokje. Gebruik dit blokje overal in je huis. In de keuken voor je messen of andere magnetische keukenmaterialen. Gebruik het om je sleutels aan op te bergen zodat je ze altijd vindt!

Afmeting: 8 x 8 x 4 cm

MONOLYTH is a multi-functional, magnetised marble cube that can be seamlessly integrated into a myriad of spaces. The durable blocks, hand-cut and beautifully crafted, have a magnetic core capable of carrying a heavier load than it first seems. A perfect resting place for everything from kitchenware to keys, this gravity-defying home organisation solution endeavours to simplify your day-to-day routine without compromising on aesthetic.  

- Delivered in a classy packaging 
- MONOLYTH holds up to 3 kg or 6 pounds
- Plug and screw included 
- Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 4cm  

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